Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast- Steve Elkington

Steve Elkington has always been held in high regard for the beauty of his golf swing. A metronome of motion back and through that looked like it could repeat over and over again. There is more to “Elk” than just the swing!! In this episode Elkington gives us his take on the golf swing in general- his love for fancy clothing and talks about the highlights of his carrer and some of the money games he took part in back in the day. One of the great story tellers in the world of golf- enjoy this episode with Steve Elkington

Bradley Hughes Golf- Mark Calcavecchia

Mark Calcavecchia was one of a rare breed of golfers who could go on a tear and accumulate birdie after birdie in a round of golf. He is also the Champion Golfer of The Year in 1989 at Royal Troon. Calc also won the National Championships of Canada and Australia amongst his almost 30 victories throughout the world. Listen in to find out how he could get his game to run so hot at times- how he has a love hate relationship with the putter- the square groove controversy and how he first played golf with Jack Nicklaus at the tender age of 14. No holds barred interview awaits you in episode 15 of Bradley Hughes Golf podcast- Enjoy!!

Bradley Hughes Golf- Bryden Macpherson

Bryden Macpherson won the British Amateur in 2011 and then embarked on a professional career that has brought highs and lows. From victories in China and appearances in Major Championships to having to toil on mini tours the past couple of years. Listen as Bryden talks about his transformation over the past 18 months of our work together that has now lead to him producing one of the truly special summer’s of golf in his native Australia. In the past two months he competed in seven events that included two wins a runner up and no finish worse than 16th place. He never shot over par in any of his 28 rounds and has now catapulted over 700 places up the world golf rankings- which has opened doors for his opportunity to entrench himself on one of the world’s major PGA  schedules in the near future. Regarded as a deep thinker- listen in as he discusses what we worked on and how he discovered his own realities of his swing and his game in the process..

Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast- Rich Beem Episode 13

Rich Beem has always been a great personality in the game. From the time he won in his rookie season in 1999 to his dramatic PGA Championship win over Tiger Woods in 2002. Hear incredible stories of his rise to fame and also the injury that prevented him from continuing. Beem has now transferred his wit into television with his role as analyst and commentator for Sky Sports. This episode gives the listeners great insight into the many facets of the game from an experienced showman who relishes the role he played and continues to play in the game of golf.

Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast- Steve Williams

One of the most recognizable names and figures in the world of golf for the past 30 years despite never hitting a shot in competition- Steve Williams name is synonymous with Major Championship golf and victory on Sunday’s at golf tournaments. Caddying for the likes of Greg Norman, Ray Floyd, Adam Scott and Tiger Woods, Williams was at the coal face in some of the greatest tournament victories by the games greatest golfers. I found his insight fascinating as to how he helped his players get to the finish line and hope you all learn a little more insight into these great players, this outstanding caddie and you may even learn a little side note about the relationship Stevie and I have had for close to 40 years. Enjoy!!! This is a terrific episode.

Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast- Bob Vokey

In this podcast I delve into the world of wedges with master Titleist wedge maker Bob Vokey. Learn everything you need to know in how to select a wedge, bounce logic, lie angles and shaft selection. Hear how Vokey wedges have been designed throughout the years with direct PGA player input and what lays ahead in Vokey design. Plus interesting interaction about how players such as Adam Scott Lee Trevino Seve Ballesteros and Tom Kite liked their wedges to be setup for their optimum feel and creativity. And a fascinating insight into DeChambeaus one length club method and how it may be hindering his short game. Enjoy this do not miss episode.

David Clark PGA Tour Caddie

David Clark brings some brilliant insights into the world of the PGA Tour caddie. No-one gets closer to the action than the bagman. Clark talks about his experiences of caddying for some of the biggest names in the world of golf- such as Adam Scott, Vijay Singh, Paul Casey and Justin Rose.

Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast Q & A

In episode 9 of my Podcast I answer a host of questions sent forward from my Twitter followers. A little different format here but a great way for the listener and ardent follower to have golf swing questions answered in a Q & A format.

Bradley Hughes Golf- Michael Clayton Part 2

Part 2 of my interview with Michael Clayton. Clayts delves into his European Tour career and finishes strong with how golf can be turned around in the right direction to sustain and grow again.

Bradley Hughes Golf- Michael Clayton Part 1

Michael Clayton is in my opinion (and many others) one of the key speakers in golf for his knowledge and sage advice regarding the direction golf has taken and it’s future. His beliefs are almost too logical to listen to and his answers to how golf can begin to build again has so much common sense involved it’s hard to imagine the game’s governing bodies don’t sit up and take notice. This is Part 1 of my two part interview with Mike Clayton