Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast- John Erickson 2

In our second podcast together John Erickson and I discuss the merits behind the swing principles we instill in our students and we have a very interesting discussion about equipment and how golf clubs can help or hinder your swing and your improvement. Our podcasts together are always the most listened to episodes and this one is no exception.

Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast- Rick Fehr

Rick Fehr was a standout amateur golfer winning leading amateur honors at The Masters and the US Open before going onto a PGA Tour career spanning two victories and 17 seasons on Tour. He now instructs golfers in the Seattle Washington area passing down his vast knowledge of being a former player. In this e[isode we talk about instruction and playing golf and how they intertwine in helping golfers become better.

Bradley Hughes Golf- Ward Jarvis

Ward Jarvis and myself are part of Team Todd. I as Brendon’s swing coach and Ward has been instrumental in helping clear the mechanism to result in better visuals and better shots.

This is one of my favorite podcasts to date as it brings even deeper insight into the workings of the mind and how the golfer can use that mind power to become the best player they can be.

Listen and learn all the nuggets of information available in this episode.

Bradley Hughes Golf- John Craig

John Craig Executive Vice President of Tour Edge Golf joins me in this episode. John provides fascinating context into how equipment companies fine tune product to suit professionals such as Bernhard Langer, Scott McCarron and Mike Weir who represent the Tour Edge brand. The attention to detail by Langer is amazing to listen to.

John also discusses what the normal golfer should look for in a golf club based on their current ability and where they want to head with their game. John also dives into what the future may hold for golf and the equipment companies due to possible restrictions set forth by the organizations- USGA and the R&A- in regard to golf clubs and balls in the future.

I grew up with John Craig in Melbourne Australia and we have been friends for over 40 years. He now resides in Chicago near the head offices of Tour Edge.

Bradley Hughes Golf- Mike Hicks

Mike Hicks has been on the professional tour for over 40 years- has 3 Major Championship victories under his belt and was part of one of the most memorable conclusions to a US Open in history.

In this pod Hicksey discusses the 1999 US Open when his man Payne Stewart did the improbable. He dives in deep about how a caddie/player relationship works and has some great insight into caddies of yesteryear and today and also golf courses and the lay of the game as it has evolved.

Bradley Hughes Golf- Mark Lye

Mark Lye has done just about everything there is to do in golfing circles. Player. Commentator, Radio Host Plus he starred in the Happy Gilmore movie and was in a band with other golfers Peter Jacobsen Payne Stewart & Larry Rinker singing songs about golf.

Mark has lived a very full life covering all aspects of the game. We go on a journey of his career in golf and also touch on the new great divide between the PGA Tour and the LIV Tour with some interesting insights into the problems and solutions of golf’s latest spat.

Follow Mark on twitter @letitflye to see his posts on this topic. It is very insightful and direct about the issues of either side of the fence.

Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast- John Erickson

John Erickson is without doubt the most influential person in my golf teaching career. I had known John from my playing days in Australia, but it wasn’t until 17 years later when I began to teach golf that our paths crossed again, and it totally changed the way I went about helping golfers become better.

Join us on our journey together from the early golf forums to the start of our own Advanced Ball Striking platform and forum to where we are today. The plan has never wavered for over 14 years now, which is a testament to the ideals we used to allow golfers to swing better and perform to a higher level- a level they had not been able to reach before in their search.

Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast- Mark Anguiano

For every PGA Tour player who successfully make it on Tour there are 100 more who are toiling in the background on mini tours honing their skills to be ready to pounce when their opportunity comes. It can often be a long difficult road with little rewards and a lot of time spent on the road chasing the dream. Mark Anguiano has slowly but surely made progression through the ranks and is getting increasingly closer to earning his opportunity at the big time. Find out what it takes mentally and physically in Mark’s own words about staying the course and working your way up  in the game that we all know brings triumphs and heartaches.

Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast- Steve Elkington

Steve Elkington has always been held in high regard for the beauty of his golf swing. A metronome of motion back and through that looked like it could repeat over and over again. There is more to “Elk” than just the swing!! In this episode Elkington gives us his take on the golf swing in general- his love for fancy clothing and talks about the highlights of his carrer and some of the money games he took part in back in the day. One of the great story tellers in the world of golf- enjoy this episode with Steve Elkington

Bradley Hughes Golf- Mark Calcavecchia

Mark Calcavecchia was one of a rare breed of golfers who could go on a tear and accumulate birdie after birdie in a round of golf. He is also the Champion Golfer of The Year in 1989 at Royal Troon. Calc also won the National Championships of Canada and Australia amongst his almost 30 victories throughout the world. Listen in to find out how he could get his game to run so hot at times- how he has a love hate relationship with the putter- the square groove controversy and how he first played golf with Jack Nicklaus at the tender age of 14. No holds barred interview awaits you in episode 15 of Bradley Hughes Golf podcast- Enjoy!!