Monthly Archives: February 2019

Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast – Doug Sanders

Doug Sanders was one of the all-time great golfers. A true character on and off the fairways. Listen in as I ask Doug about his early days, the colorful attire, the celebrities and Presidents he forged friendships with. Palmer, Hogan, Nicklaus and Player. The 20 wins on the PGA Tour and of course the one that got away- the 1970 British Open Championship. If you love golf and grew up in the golden era of watching golf in the 60’s and 70’s then don’t miss this latest episode.

Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast – Ian Baker Finch

In my very first step into the podcast world I talk with my friend Ian Baker Finch. This is a great listen as “Finchy” walks us through the highs and lows of his professional golf career, the early days, the triumphs and the turmoil. He gives insight into his role as a commentator rather than a golfer and brings up great thoughts in the rapid fire answers particularly what he would change in golf if he was “commissioner” for just one day